Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

OREN SPORT GROUP of Companies was founded in year 1995 and has grown to be a leader in corporate uniform provider in Malaysia and Singapore.

As an one-stop corporate uniform provider, OREN SPORT offers a wide array of products which included round neck-tee, and collar t-shirts, windbreakers, caps, towels and etc.

As a key part of its business strategy, OREN SPORT continues to expand and widen its multiple delivery channels. It has 6 branches in Malaysia and Singapore and plan to expand the business overseas.

OREN SPORT GROUP of companies was fronted by dedicated and knowledgeable (well trained) employees. As OREN SPORT believes that committed employees provide superior delivery standards that lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, OREN SPORT continues to expand training, development opportunities, extend employee achievement recognition and reward programs.


01: Reputable High Brand Equity | 02: Market Leader | 03: Bigger Market Share


Company Vision

To make OREN SPORT a globally renowned brand.


Company Mission

To make everyone feel good and look great with our affordable, high quality attire.

Latest Update

Oren Sport New Catalogue Vol. 11 2012-2013 release....

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